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Kyoto International Manga Museum is a museum dedicated to, well, manga (aka Japanese comics). However, it’s more like a library than a museum.

The museum has a huge collection of manga spread over three floors and a basement. And most visitors will spend their time reading. There is even translated manga, although understandably it’s a smaller selection. Besides reading all day, you can also view temporary exhibitons, listen to manga readings, and even join workshops. Kyoto International Manga Museum is joined to Kyoto Seika University’s Faculty of Arts, so there are sometimes student exhibitions.

Tickets are ¥900 for adults, ¥400 for high school and middle school students, and ¥200 for elementary school students. Conveniently, you can buy tickets online. If you’re a huge manga fan, you could splash out ¥6,000 for a yearly passport.

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