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Kyoto Tower is an observation tower next to Kyoto Station. While it offers great views, many consider to be an unfortunate eyesore!

At 131 meters in height, Kyoto Tower is the tallest structure in Kyoto. The tower is to the north of Kyoto Station and you’ll see it right away when you leave the station. It was built to coincide with the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics, although many criticized its cost and how it clashed with Kyoto’s traditional character.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Kyoto Tower went on to become something of a lackluster attraction after it was completed. While its observation deck offers good views of Kyoto and Osaka (on a clear day), it can’t compete with Kyoto’s heart and soul — its many ancient shrines, temples, and castles.

How to buy tickets

If you would like to visit though, tickets cost ¥900 for adults. The prices for kids depends on their age: high schoolers cost ¥700, and junior high and elementary schoolers are ¥600. Unusually, young children are not given free entry; those under 6 years old cost ¥200. You can buy tickets at the venue, but we recommend buying them online in advance.

How to get there

Kyoto Tower is a 1-minute walk north of Kyoto Station.

Night view of Kyoto from Kyoto Tower
Kyoto at night, as seen from Kyoto Tower. | Photo by Getty Images

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