A shop, mold museum (not that kind), and center for sweet-making classes, this is the head store of longstanding Kanazawa sweet-shop, Morihachi.

Not quite a penny-sweet corner shop, this is more high end, specialising in traditional wagashi to go with green tea. While the shop fills the first floor, on the second is the surprisingly interesting sweet-mold museum. With incredibly complex and large hand-carved molds on display, it’s an insight into a craft most have never given a second thought to. The museum costs ¥200 to enter and has English audio guides as well as a leaflet in English, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese. There is also a small cafe upstairs where you can enjoy sweets and tea as well as a workshop space where you can make your own treats.

Classes cost ¥1,296 and include entry to the museum. They take 40 minutes and can be booked in advance online here or over the phone.