Nakanoshima Park

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Name in Japanese: 中之島公園
Area: Osaka
Address: 1-Chome, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka [map]
Phone: 06-6312-8121 06-6312-8121
Access: 174 m from Kitahama Station Keihan Main Line (KH2)Sakaisuji Line (K14)
0.6 km from Minami-morimachi Station Tanimachi Line (T21)Sakaisuji Line (K13)
0.7 km from Yodoyabashi Station Keihan Main Line (KH1)

Osaka’s first ever park, Nakanoshima was opened in 1891 and sits on it’s own little island with flowing rivers on either side. This ideal location means it’s a great place to escape the bright neon side of Osaka, even if you are still surrounded by tower blocks. It’s a decent size, measuring in at just over 10 hectares along a 1.5km stretch. There’s plenty to see here too, with historic buildings, a rose garden with 310 species, an oriental pottery museum and a 400m stretch lined with different sculptures. The sculpture section was designed in part with Tadao Ando, so you’ll be guaranteed a well-thought-out design.