Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery

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Name in Japanese: 余市蒸溜所
Address: 046-0003 Hokkaido, Yoichi District, Yoichi, Kurokawacho, 7−6 [map]
Phone: +81 135-23-3131 +81 135-23-3131
Access: 297 m from Yoichi Station Hakodate Main Line (Sapporo section) (S18)
Hours: 09:15-17:00

A visit to Japan isn’t complete without partaking of some Japanese whiskey, but there’s more to it than Suntory. Sapporo is home to one of Nikka whiskey’s two distilleries. Sign up for a distillery tour, and learn the history and lore of distilling whiskey in the far north.