A garden of miniatures, Shukkei-en was built in 1620 by Ueda Soko, a famous tea-ceremony master, for the feudal lord Daimyo. Designed to contain an array of beautiful views, the name literally translates to ‘shrink-scenery garden’ and contains small versions of valleys, forest streams, shrines and koi ponds—designed to make the relatively small garden feel much larger.

Created in a circle-tour style, you can follow the paths with occasional detours and enjoy stumbling across new scenes, all independently beautiful. The park is centred around a lake, with plum orchards, small tea-house style buildings and just an endless supply of picturesque views.

There is also a small tea-garden where you can try traditional green tea and Japanese sweets in the perfect setting. With a wide variety of Cherry and Plum blossom trees, the garden looks especially great in Spring, but each season adds its own touch, so you’ll never be disappointed.

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