Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell)

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Name in Japanese: 海地獄
Area: Oita
Address: 559-1, Kannawa, Beppu-shi, Oita-ken [map]
Phone: 0977-66-0121 0977-66-0121
Hours: 8am - 5pm

One of Beppu’s “7 Hells”, Umi Jigoku is a geothermal pool of water in a shade of cobalt blue.

Entry to the park containing the hot pool is 400, although a “7 hell” concession ticket for 2,000yen is also available.

Also within the park is a shrine, a tropical greenhouse heated with “gases from hell”, a smaller red colored pool and an ashi mizu bath which you can dip your feet in. Bring a small towel with you so you don’t end up with wet shoes for the rest of the day.

Parking is free.

Photo by Greg Lane