A cheap and tasty local spot for sashimi or temura “teishoku” dinner, with bonus cat!

The signature “Ajikura Teishoku” dish (pictured below), of sashimi, tempura with rice, miso soup and pickles makes for a great Shikoku dinner at only 1,500yen.

Also if you haven’t tried it before the “Tai meshi” dinner (also below) for 1360yen is a local delicacy. It takes a little extra time, and it’s partially cooked in front of you. The correct way to eat Tai meshi is once it’s cooked, remove the head and bony parts, next mash it all up in the bowl then scrape the lot (including the rice crust) out off the bowl and into your mouth. The cat is on hand to help you with any bony fishy bits left over.

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