Volta is a craft beer restaurant with 16 beers on tap and an extensive food menu.

Beers come in three sizes—small (236 ml), medium (330 ml) and pint (473 ml). The prices for each are ¥480, ¥680 and ¥880, respectively. Menu prices do not include the 10% consumption tax, which is added on when you get the bill.

beer and oysters
Photo by Gregory Lane

Among the 16 beers on tap at the time of our visit, were a few from local brewer North Island, Japanese brewery Far Yeast and a clutch of west coast brewers including Lost Coast, Ecliptic Brewing and Hopworks Urban Brewery.

The food menu has an extensive variety of small dishes to have with your beer, priced from ¥100. A specialty of Volta is raw meat sushi. So if you fancy some raw horse, cow or sheep on vinegared rice, then here’s your chance. Prices for a plate with two pieces start at ¥150.

We didn’t have time to sample the whole menu, but the deep fried oysters ¥748 (including tax) were super crispy and delicious.

Volta shop front
Photo by Gregory Lane

There is a ¥330 seating charge.

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