Hale Restaurant Kyoto
Photo by Pete Birkinshaw used under CC
Review: Nishiki Market: Exploring Kyoto's 400-Year-Old Kitchen
Address: Japan, 〒604-8055 Kyoto Prefecture, 京都市中京区 錦小路通麩屋町西入ル東魚屋町198-1 [map]
Phone: 075-231-2516 075-231-2516
Access: 415 m from Kawaramachi Station Hankyu Kyoto Main Line (HK86)
0.6 km from Karasuma Station Hankyu Kyoto Main Line (HK85)
0.6 km from Shijō Station Karasuma Line (K9)
Hours: 11.30am - 4.30pm then 6pm - 9pm (closed Mondays)
Website: http://www.kyoto-nishiki.or.jp/store...

A small, practically hidden restaurant offering traditional dishes with vegan and vegetarian options. There is plenty of tofu on the menu but they also offer non-vegan/veggie food so it’s good for mixed groups!

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