Kakigoya Rocco is a tiny standing bar positioned at the end of Iroha Yokocho that serves amazingly cheap and succulently fresh, locally grown oysters.

raw oysters
Photo by Gregory Lane

Fresh oysters served in the shell with a wedge of lemon are priced at just ¥100. Also at the same price point are steamed oysters, fried oysters and a variety of side dishes such as buttered potatoes (jaga battaa), kushikamaboko, macaroni salad, hanbaagu, and even pizza (there is an even more popular Rocco’s sister store with 100yen wine and pizza bar in the same alley). A jockey of draft beer is priced at ¥500. There is also a wide selection of shochu and nihonshu (sake) available.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Oysters are sourced from the Miyagi coastline located to the east of Sendai city. If you position yourself towards the front of the bar, you can observe the staff skillfully shucking oysters.

oyster shucking
Photo by Gregory Lane

The standing bar on the ground floor can squeeze in about 9 people. There are tables on the second floor that can be reserved, but they’re quite popular.

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