Namahage Sedo Festival

Photo by Chris Lewis used under CC

A festival in which locals dress up as demons and scare the bejesus out of young children. There are also bonfires, a dramatic explanation of the reason for the festival, taiko drumming and mochi hurling.

While you’re in town, take a look at the Nahagekan (Namahage museum). The museum is open year round and is dedicated to the festival for which it is named. Inside you can see the various costumes and masks and even try them on. Admission to the museum is 500yen or 800yen with a combined ticket to the neighbouring Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum.

Venue: Shinzan Shrine
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 2 ℃Low: -3 ℃
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Closest station(s): Hadachi Station
Area: Akita
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