Kyoto’s Geisha District, Gion is a popular spot for all who visit the city thanks to it’s traditional feel and cherry blossom in Spring. Located between Yasaka Shrine and the Kamo river, around Shijo-dori. The narrow-fronted houses were once (and some still are) machiya and ochaya although many are now cafes and shops. The canal-side area of Shirakawa is especially pretty in the early evening and during Spring and is generally quiter than Hanami-koji street which is the most popular spot (between Shijo avenue to Kenninji Temple).

While you’ll no doubt see plenty of kimono-clad women in the area, not many will be Geisha (or Geiko, as they are known in Kyoto) as this is the go-to location for people having maiko-vers (sorry/not sorry). If you have cash to splash, you can head to some of the teahouses (ochaya) to be entertained by Maiko and Geiko over dinner, otherwise, check out where else you can see them in Kyoto.