Nagoro Village

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Name in Japanese: 天空の村・かかしの里
Area: Tokushima
Address: Japan, 〒778-0201 Tokushima, Miyoshi, Higashiiyasugeoi, 191 [map]
Phone: +81 883-72-7620 +81 883-72-7620
Admission: Free

More scarecrows than people – that’s this village’s claim to fame, and it’s hard to ignore.

Created by a local villager in memory of those who have died or moved away from her hometown, the creations include housewives in kitchens, schoolchildren at their desks and topical creations in a bus stop. Depending on your feelings about scarecrows, the village is either really fun or completely horrifying, but either way,it’s well worth a visit on your way to the husband and wife bridges or Mount Tsurugi.