One of the few preserved tea houses in the area, Ochaya Shima has been designated an Important Cultural Asset of Japan.

Built in 1820, the tea house was used for entertaining, with much more sake than tea being served of an evening. geisha would play musical instruments, parlor games and chat with distinguished noblemen from the town as well as visitors. On the ground floor, there’s a a small manicured garden, a geisha dressing room and the living quarters of the house owner. It’s in the upstairs rooms where the entertaining occured however, with musical instruments like the shamisen on display along with original decorative pieces and tea-service items.

The house offers green tea and sweets for visitors at a cost of ¥500 for a dry sweet and ¥700 for a fresh sweet. There are Japanese explanations around the house but an English leaflet is available for visitors. The house is not included on any of the Kanazawa discount passes, but (in our opinion) provides a great insight into the everyday life of a Geisha.

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