Takeda Castle Ruins

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Name in Japanese: 竹田城跡
Area: Hyogo
Address: Japan, 669-5252 Hyogo, Asago, [map]
Phone: +81 79-672-4003 +81 79-672-4003
Hours: March-May 08:00-18:00; June-August 06:00-18:00, September-November 04:00-17:00, December-January 10:00-14:00
Admission: Adults: ¥500
Parking options: No parking
Website: http://www.city.asago.hyogo.jp/kankou/en...

Built in 1411 and abandoned in the early 1600s, Takeda Castle’s ruins are wreathed in fog and clouds in the colder seasons and stand high above Hyogo. It’s a must-see for photographers and fans of history alike.