Located in the historically rich town of Izumo, not far from Izumo Taisha, Tezen Museum is a family-run gallery is one of Shimane Prefecture’s premier art destinations, but like Shimane Prefecture on a whole, it still feels like a secret.

The museum, which was founded in 1993 gallery features an impressive well-maintained collection of traditional arts and crafts from the Izumo region.

The museum is comprised of two main exhibition halls. The first was once a rice storehouse, while the second exhibition hall was built to be a liquor storehouse and was used later as an elementary school until 1903.

Inside the first exhibition hall, you’ll find displays showcasing Japanese art and crafts like hanging scrolls, folding screens, and materials used in traditional Japanese tea culture.

The second exhibition hall is home to a diverse selection of ceramic wares and lacquerwares, including the rustic Rakuzan-yaki, as well as the more delicate Fujina-yaki. You’ll also find metal and wood crafts and other unique everyday items all originating from the historic Izumo region, as well as lacquerware pieces from the Kojima family who were brought to Izumo from Kyoto.

An ideal escape into a world of traditional Japanese beauty and the cultural history of this artfully underrated pocket of Japan, the Tezen Museum offers a deeper dive into local art, culture, history, and life.

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