A landmark of Arashiyama, the Togetsukyo bridge stretches 155m across the river known as the Hozu to the West and the Katsura to the East.

With the rolling hills and calm, wide river the bridge creates a picturesque scene often used in Japanese period-dramas. The name means “moon-crossing” and is believed to come from an ancient tale of the Emperor Kameyama who attended a boating party and thought the moon appeared to cross the bridge. There has been a bridge here since the year 836, but the current one was built in the 1930s, so it’s perfectly safe! There are restaurants on either side and in summer traditional cormorant fishing can be watched from the brigde. A short stroll along the riverside will take you to a boat-rental spot where you can spend some time on the water, and the banks are a popular spot for drinking and playing in the warmer months.

Togetsukyo Bridge
Photo by Hideyuki Kamon used under CC

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