The Zao Fox Village is a bucket-list location for many, alongside the cat and rabbit islands more traditionally associated with Japan. Living in an enclosed natural environment, the foxes are feral and can be viewed up close as they sleep in some of the structures around the park. While concerns of animal welfare have been raised, the animals live semi-wild and are cared for medically, although the petting does interfere with their natural instincts, so consider reading more on their site to learn about the practices beforehand.

Children under 12 go free. Groups of 10 or more require a reservation made 7 days in advance and will be turned away without one.

Access: From Shiroishi station you can catch the Catsle Kun Bus to Kawarago Dam on Tuesdays which costs 200 yen, alternatively you have to catch a taxi from the station. Check our full article for more details on ways to get there!