Cafe Lente

Review: Yuwaku: A Village of Onsen, Ice houses and Nature Views
Address: I-17-3 Yuwakumachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-1123, Japan [map]
Phone: +81 80-3048-3732 +81 80-3048-3732
Hours: Fri - Mon: 10am - 6pm, Tues - Thurs: Closed.

A fresh and smart cafe quite in contrast to the rest of this traditional town, Cafe Lente is a a beautiful coffee stop.

With huge windows facing the trees, it has a cabin-in-the-woods feel, but in a really good, tree-house kind of way. The menu is pretty simple, with a couple of cake options, an unusual rare-yoghurt-cake (a bit like a cheesecake) fruit sandwiches and a couple of savoury options (both containing meat, unfortunately). Be sure to try the local yuzu cider (more like a lemon soda, there’s no alcohol in a Japanese cider) and enjoy the view!

The very nice owner spent a few months living in the UK and speaks English plus there’s an English menu available, so you’ll have no problems ordering if you don’t speak any Japanese.

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