⚠️ This location is permanently closed.

Ginza Hageten Sapporo is a branch tempura restaurant Hageten located on the fifth floor of Stellar Place within the JR Tower above JR Sapporo Station.

The tempura is cooked in deep friers right in front of diners, and the tempura is placed in front of customers as it is ready, which means that it is beautifully fresh and crisp.

There are various sets available. The cheapest tendon set (tempura on a bed of rice) is only ¥1,100. The ¥1,760 course shown above included 6 pieces of fresh tempura, sashimi, miso soup, rice, pickles, and chawan-mushi.

Hageten shopfront
Photo by Gregory Lane

Although our prices above include tax, menu prices don’t. Credit card payment is available.

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