A narrow ramen joint with a queue that’s often longer than the counter inside, Menya Taiga is makes some of the best miso ramen out there.

Keeping things simple with three options, they have miso, red miso (spicy) and black miso which uses squid ink for depth and colour. You can opt for ramen or the tsukemen (dipping-noodle) version of each, and add any toppings There’s an English menu available and the staff are really friendly—the general atmosphere is pretty happy for a ramen shop (sounds odd, but it’s true). As you take your seat and order you’ll be given a shot of vegetable juice to boost your blood sugar – who says ramen is unhealthy? While miso can be a bit hit and miss, this one is genuinely delicious, and that’s from a non-miso fan who drained the bowl. The soup is just on the right side of rich, with enough spice to keep it lively, helped by the ginger, green onion and grated lemon rind that perches on top.

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