A creative and contemporary take on traditional Japanese food, Coil is a fantastically modern way to enjoy some hasomaki sushi.

Self-rolled with a selection of fillings, this is a DIY dinner made for picky eaters. With options for five (¥1,280), six (¥1,480) or eight (¥1,780) filling options, you can make your dream sushi and mix it up with each of your four rice sheets. The list of potential fillings covers all kinds of fish, vegetable and dairy component you can think of, meaning vegetarian and vegans can join in too.

Although the portions don’t look huge to begin with, it’s surprisingly filling and you can mix up your ingredients with the extra pickles along the way.

The set comes with a tempura nest of vegetables and shrimp (you can ask for just veg) and you can choose to add the self-service tea ceremony if you are keen to try some local teas.

In the afternoon, there’s a tea and sweets ceremony option for (¥1,000), or you can try just the sweets (¥800 or just the tea (¥500).

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