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Hotel Resol Nagoya
3-25-6 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi
From ¥8,500 /night

Hotel Resol Nagoya is a trendy hotel in the heart of Nagoya. Conveniently located just a short walk from Nagoya Station, this hotel is a great option for those who want to upgrade from a bland business hotel without having to pay five-star hotel prices. Couples will also appreciate the suave aesthetic and comfy rooms.

What’s Hotel Resol Nagoya like?

A retro postbox is used as the key box. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Hotel Resol Nagoya sets itself apart from other hotels from the get go. From its well-styled entrance you head up to the second floor to an equally well-styled and trendy lobby. Think dark colors and strategic lighting set to jazz music and a slighty retro vibe.

Retro is only an aesthetic though, as its clear that Hotel Resol makes an effort to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. We particularly liked that they used a tablet with your details pre-filled, in English, for check-in. This meant that check-in was faster than other hotels where you still need to fill out paper forms.

What amenities does the hotel have?

Even the bookshelf is cool. | Photo by Maria Danuco

In the lobby area, there is a common area with both a lounge and a long table with built-in powerpoints set up for remote working. There is also a variety of books you can read, and a coffee maker.

When you check-in you’re given a small pack with some facial cleanser and moisturizer, but there’s also a wagon by the coffee maker that has other amenties like toothbrushes, as well as some nice treats like bath salts.

There is also a korean restaurant on the first floor of the hotel.

Is there anywhere to hang out at Hotel Resol Nagoya?

The lounge area. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Sort of. The lounge area in the hotel lobby is nice, comfortable, and quite spacious. However, because it is in the same area as the remote work area, it’s not the best place to knock back a couple of drinks.

It’s definitely a nice space to enjoy a morning coffee, and plan out your day but it’s not really a space for socializing and making new friends.

How eco-friendly is Hotel Resol Nagoya?

Like many hotels in Japan, Hotel Resol Nagoya is taking small steps towards being more eco-friendly. They don’t put disposable amenities like toothbrushes and hairbrushes in the rooms; however, you can take them from a wagon in the lobby.

What are the rooms like at Hotel Resol Nagoya?

The Moderate Double Room. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Without a doubt the rooms are a nice step up from regular bland hotel rooms. The rooms have the same dark and retro vibes of the lobby, complete with instruments painted on the walls.

The private bathroom is nicely layed out, with enough space to move about. We especially liked how big the shower felt — no cubicle showers here.

In-room amenities

You’ll also find a fridge, kettle, armchair, and t.v. in the room. There’s a very convenient multi-charger (USB-C, micro usb, and lightning compatible) available for you to use and direct usb-to-wall powerpoint by the bed.

Room size

As is the case with most hotels in Japan the rooms at Hotel Resol are on the squishier side. Our 14m² Moderate Double Room, only just had enough space on the floor to open a small suitcase. A larger suitcase, not to mention two suitcases could prove a challenge.

There is the option to upgrade to a 16m² Deluxe Double Room, but the slightly larger bed and couch might not give you the extra space you were hoping for.

Comfort factor

The room itself is quite comfy. You’ll have no problem drifting off to sleep in the cushy bed. You’re even given two pillows of different firmness so you can choose which you prefer. We also want to shout out the incredibly fluffy bath towels. They added a really nice touch of luxury.

Unfortunately, noise might be a problem for light sleepers. Because Hotel Resol Nagoya is on a main road, there is occassionally noise from sirens and traffic. It’s the price you pay for the convenient location, but if that’s a deal-breaker you might want to look elsewhere.

Is there a view?

The window is fairly large, but it’s covered with wooden blinds and blocked by the armchair and t.v. Even if it wasn’t, all you’d be able to see would be views of the road and nearby buildings.

Where is Hotel Resol Nagoya?

Hotel Resol has a great central location, within walking distance of Nagoya Station. That means it has good transport connections, including easy access to the bullet train. There are decent dining and shopping options nearby, including a few malls, and also a couple of convenience stores within walking distance.

However, Hotel Resol Nagoya is not particularly close to any major Nagoya attractions like Nagoya Castle, Ghibli Park, or Legoland Resort Japan.

Is there anything to do nearby?

Er, well, none really. If you’d like to go somewhere interesting your best bet is to walk to Nagoya Staion. From there you can catch a train or bus to various points of interest in and around Nagoya.

The area around Hotel Resol Nagoya is fairly business-y, and a little stale. The main appeal of the location is definitely its easy access to public transport.

Is there good food nearby?

Nagoya’s famous red miso katsu. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Yes, and there are a fair few options to choose from too. In and around Nagoya Station you’ll find both nice sit-down restaurants and fast-food type places. If you head next door to Meitetsu Department Store there’s even more to choose from.

Closer to the hotel, you’ll find restaurants salarymen are known to frequent for dinner — think ramen shops, yakiniku (Japanese-style barbeque) restaurants, and izakaya (Japanese pub/bar). And don’t forget there’s a Korean restaurant on the first floor of the hotel.

Hotel Resol Nagoya access

With its proximity to Nagoya Station, Hotel Resol Nagoya has good access for Shinkansen travelers as well as travelers coming from Nagoya (Chūbu Centrair) Airport. The hotel is a five-minute walk from the station.

Nagoya Station | Photo by Maria Danuco

Getting to Hotel Resol Nagoya from Chūbu Centrair International Airport

The closest airport to Hotel Resol Nagoya is Chubu Centrair International Airport, which is just south of Nagoya. There is a direct express train between the airport and Nagoya Station, which takes about 30 minutes and costs ¥1,250. Alternatively, you can take the local service on the same route, which will take 50 minutes and cost ¥890.

Hotel Resol Nagoya public transport access

Hotel Resol Nagoya is within walking distance of Nagoya Station, Meitetsu Nagoya Station, and the city’s central bus terminal. Nagoya Station provides access to the Tokkaidō Shinkansen, as well as 10 different JR and private train lines and two subway lines.

Meitetsu Nagoya Station is serviced by the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line. The bus terminal is used by both inter-city highway buses and local bus routes, including the Mei-Guru Sightseeing Bus.

Is Hotel Resol Nagoya a good place to stay?

Hotel Resol Nagoya is good for business and solo travelers who are looking for something comfier than your average business hotel. It’s also a good fit for remote workers — if you don’t mind working in the communal workspace in the lobby. Unfortunately, there is no desk in the room.

Couples and friends traveling in pairs will appreciate the trendy atmosphere, although the lack of floor space in the rooms is a bit of a downside to sharing the room.

There are no rooms that can sleep more than two adults, so we don’t recommend this hotel for groups or families.

While we do our best to ensure it’s correct, information is subject to change.

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