The Higashiyama Higashi Tea House is a beautifully preserved district of tea houses. If not for the presence of your fellow sightseers, you could imagine being back in the time of Samurai.

Many of the tea houses are still in business with a small population of Geisha plying their trade. Other tea shops are souvenir shops, cafes or bottle shops – almost all of which are closed in the evening.

If you’re trying to do some “Geisha hunting”, you’ll be best to stake out the area in the early evening. However, in the evening, everything is shut.

There are “Geisha shows” in the evening but you need a booking.

The district is about a 15 minute walk from the castle/Kenrokuen area. Also, check out the smaller Kazue-machi Chaya district on your left just before you cross the Asano River.

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