If you’re looking to stay in Kanazawa, but want a little more freedom than a hotel or hostel can provide, Airbnb is the answer.

Aside from added privacy, having your own place means you can cook (shopping trip to Omicho Market, anyone?), sleep in, and avoid all the annoying elements of shared spaces. If you’re a couple or a group, then it’s a great idea to split costs. For singles, we suggest checking out our Kanazawa hotel and hostel guide instead for keeping accommodation costs low.

Below, we list our Kanazawa Airbnb recommendations, skipping all the room-only options and sticking to entire houses/apartments so that you can enjoy your space.

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Kanazawa Map Green - Studio Fim
Photo by Studio Fim

There are an impressive number of traditional machiya (traditional wooden houses) available in Kanazawa, so you can explore the local samurai streets and tea districts as well as experience life in a Japanese home—tatami and all. The map above is a handy way to see where you want to set up your base!

Please note that our photos are not of the properties—just corners of Kanazawa you might explore and examples of traditional Japanese decor.

1. Shiraoya: A garden and great reviews

3 bedrooms, 7 guests | From ¥6,400 per night

A quiet street in Kanazawa
A quiet street in Kanazawa | Photo by iStock.com/takaten1059

With superhost reviews that make you want to move in permanenetly, the perk of this place is just as much the host as it is the home. A traditional Japanese house complete with garden and tatami rooms, Shiraoya has aircon and heating, a washer, a fully equipped kitchen and a mix of Western- and Japanese-style sleeping options.

Location: It’s right beside the samurai district and is close to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art and Kenrokuen Gardens.
Extra fees: This house has a cleaning fee of ¥4,000. The ¥200 city accommodation tax (per night, per person) is included.

2. Pino te Colo: Best for couples

1 bedroom, 3 guests | From ¥4,000 per night

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Perfect for a couple or a small group of friends, this contemporary apartment is surprisingly spacious and well equipped. Bright and airy, there are two beds, a small but useful kitchen, and a dining space. The building is divided into two apartments, so you can opt for the upstairs one (Colo) if you prefer. There are all the usual things like wifi, aircon, a washer and free parking.

Location: Northeast of the castle, this apartment is within walking distance of Kenrokuen Garden and the Higashi Chaya District as well as plenty of other great sites.
Extra fees and discounts: This space has a cleaning fee of ¥2,000 per stay. The inclusion of the city accommodation tax of ¥200 per person, per night is not confirmed.

3. Tsuki: Old and new

3 bedrooms, 6 guests | From ¥24,200 per night

Futon and Tatami ryokan
Photo by istock.com/loeskieboom

A smart blend of contemporary and traditional design, Tsuki is a a renovated machiya near the Nishi Chaya District. While it’s across the river from the main attractions, it’s a quiet area and close to bus and bike spots for easy access to the city. The renovation means you have an open-plan dining and kitchen space, a living room complete with mini rock garden, stylish Western- and Japanese-style bedrooms and a new bathroom. It’s wheelchair accessible and has all the amenities you could need. The building has a smaller apartment connected to it called Kaze, which has it’s own entrance. There is also a similar spot nearby if this one is full—same owners and style!

Location: The house is located close to the Nishi Chaya District in the south side if the city. It’s close to the Ninja Temple and close to bus stops and bike rental spots.
Extra fees and discounts: A long-stay discount applies to stays over three nights and there’s a 15% early-bird discount if you book a month in advance. There is no cleaning fee applied. The inclusion of the city accommodation tax of ¥200 per person, per night is not confirmed.

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4. Mini Apartment: Tiny and traditional

1 bedroom, 2 guests | From ¥6,000 per night

With a few properties available in this building, the hosts have a tourist information office on the third floor, which is pretty handy to say the least. The apartments are small and simple, fitted in a traditional Japanese style with tatami and compact kitchens and bathrooms. Assuming you’ll be out exploring most of the time anyway, the small space shouldn’t matter too much—not to mention the affordable price. You can head to some of the nearby top restaurants for dinner.

Location: To the north-east of Kenrokuen Gardens, you’re in a pretty great location here—well-connected transport-wise and close to plenty of the best sites.
Extra fees and discounts: This host has an early-bird discount for bookings made 90 days in advance and no cleaning fee. The inclusion of the city accommodation tax of ¥200 per person, per night is not confirmed.

5. Saigawa House: Riverside resting

2 bedrooms, 4 guests | From ¥9,991 per night

Ikebana in window
Photo by istock.com/photomanrichard

Located right on the river’s edge and a few minutes’ from the samurai district, this newly built house has been designed in the style of a traditional machiya, but with all the modern comforts. As it’s right beside the Saigawa River, you can relax on the veranda and enjoy the private garden. There’s a combination of tatami and Western bedrooms, traditional decor and all the amenities you would need, including wifi, a washer and aircon/heating.

Location: This house is located beside the river and within a short walk of the samurai district and the restaurants around it.
Extra fees and discounts: Note that this property has a cleaning fee of approximately ¥11,000 per stay. The ¥200 city accommodation tax (per night, per person) is not included and must be paid on arrival.

6. Family home, great location

3 bedrooms, 4 guests | From ¥28,000 per night

Very centrally located, this family home is the perfect mix of modern fittings and Japanese style. With only a three-minute stroll between you and Omicho Market, the modern kitchen and large dining area should be especially handy. Once belonging to a Japanese tea ceremony master, this is the host’s family home and has a beautiful garden (although it is for viewing only). The spacious house has tatami rooms, flexible sleeping arrangements (a mix of futon and beds) and wifi and aircon/heating in all rooms.

Location: The house is right in the heart of the town, close to Omicho Market, the castle grounds and two of the tea districts.
Extra fees and discounts: Note that this property has a cleaning fee of approximately ¥8,000 per stay. They do offer an early-bird discount of 10% if you book 180 days or more in advance. The inclusion of the city accommodation tax of ¥200 per person, per night is not confirmed.

7. WM House Apartment: Contemporary for couples

1 bedroom, 6 guests | From ¥14,500 per night

Kanazawa Nishi Chaya District
The Nishi Chaya District | Photo by Lily Crossley-Baxter

Complete with access to a rooftop terrace and within five minutes of the Nishi Chaya tea district, this newly built apartment has everything you need. While it claims space for six, we’re not 100% sure where everyone would go (or if you would still be friends afterwards), although families with children would be fine. There’s a well-equipped kitchen, sofa and tv, separate bedroom and wifi along with washer, heating and aircon too. It’s small, but that’s Japanese apartments for you and this one makes great use of the space available without making it feel cramped.

Location: Another Nishi Chaya location, this house is close to the Ninja Temple and has great bus and bike stops nearby.
Extra fees and discounts: They offer a long-stay discount for three nights or more and have no cleaning fee! The inclusion of the city accommodation tax of ¥200 per person, per night is not confirmed.

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