Kanazawa Castle

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Japanese script: 金沢城
Area: Ishikawa
Address: 1-1 Marunouchi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken [map]
Phone: 076-234-3800 076-234-3800
Access: 1.9 km from Kanazawa Station Hokuriku Shinkansen
Hours: 9am to 4:30pm
Admission: Adults: ¥310
Children: ¥100
Payment options: Cash & Credit Cards
Accessibility options: Premises are wheelchair accessible
Has wheelchair accessible toilets

Located on the highest point in Kanazawa between the Sai and Asano rivers, Kanazawa Castle was the base of the powerful Maeda clan who ruled over the Kaga domain (most of modern day Ishikawa Prefecture) for 13 generations and almost 300 years.

While some older structures remain (such as the Ishikawa Gate built in 1788) much of the rest was destroyed by fires which swept through in 1603, 1631, 1759 and again in 1881. The current towers and connecting hall was reconstructed using traditional carpentry techniques starting in the year 2001. As such, it is the largest wooden castle built in Japan since the Meiji period (many of the other reconstructions are reinforced concrete replicas).

The castle is wheelchair accessible with modern elevators (there are some modern allowances) except for the yagura (towers) at each end which can be reached via perilously steep stairs.

The two turrets provide great views of the city and the mountain ranges to the east.

There is a joint ticket for the castle which also provides access to the neighboring Kenrokuen Garden for a ¥100 saving.