Cheapo Restaurants

  • Naruto Honten

    For golden fried chicken so good they even ship it to Okinawa, Naruto Honten is the place to go. If chicken's not what you came for, try the […]

  • Komichi Cafe

    Komichi is a small cafe serving shaved ice and traditional sweets on the Philosopher's Path in Kyoto.

  • Monk

    A small but smart restaurant serving set menus for 7,000 yen. You can choose from the 7-course chef's choice option or the tasting menu. With a […]

  • Philosophy Cafe

    A canal-side cafe on the Philosopher's path, they serve up freshly made pizzas and quiches alongside a great selection of tarts and cakes. They […]

  • Snoopy Cha-ya

    One of three Snoopy Cha-ya, this is a classy themed cafe and restaurant with souvenirs, street-snacks and meals too. The restaurant serves […]

  • Hale Restaurant Kyoto


    A small, practically hidden restaurant offering traditional dishes with vegan and vegetarian options. There is plenty of tofu on the menu but […]

  • Gogyo Ramen Kyoto

    Gogyo Ramen

    A small chain with spots in Nishi Azabu (Tokyo), Kyoto and Nagoya, Gogyo Ramen offer an unusual flavour to your noodles. Cooking the dish with […]

  • Toma

    If you're driving up to Karuizawa this is an excellent spot to stop for lunch, slightly outside the city so even on busy days you can park easily […]

  • Ajikura

    A cheap and tasty local spot for sashimi or temura "teishoku" dinner, with bonus cat! The signature "Ajikura Teishoku" dish (pictured below), of […]

  • Umi Oyaji

    A nice place to get some super fresh seafood on your plate and just a stones throw from the train station. Cheapo favourites includes the Oden […]

  • Lima Coffee

    Takamatsu is thin on the ground for decent espresso for early morning coffee shops and third wave style hipster haunts. Lima coffee certainly […]

  • Mikazukishoten Cafe

    Naoshima has few espresso options, this friendly coffee stand/micro cafe is perhaps my favourite Plus with its opening hours it's good for a […]

  • Ichizu Tempura

    A restaurant that specializes in tempura in the Katamachi neighborhood. The staff are friendly and the tempura lunch set is deliciously fresh. […]