The Nebuta Festival

2nd Aug–7th Aug, 2018
Aomori's famous Nebuta Festival | Photo by Autan used under CC

This festival for which Aomori is most famous takes place in towns and cities across the Tsugaru Plain during the week of August 2nd to August 7th. The main procession of the festival consists of large internally lit floats depicting kabuki scenes that are wheeled around wildly from side to side. Members of the public are free to join in as long as they are wearing the required haneto costume.

Nebuta festivals in other towns in Aomori differ in terms of style. Called Neputa in Hirosaki, floats are more of a distinct fan-like shape while in Goshogawara they are much taller.

The Aomori Nebuta schedule sees parades on each evening for the first five days with a procession of floats happening during the day on the final day with a large fireworks festival in the evening.

If travelling to Aomori for Nebuta, you should make sure to book your accommodation in advance.

Dates: 2nd Aug–7th Aug, 2018
Venue: Aomori City Hall
Entry: Free
Access: 1.2 km from Aomori Station Ōu Main Line
Link in Japanese
Area: Aomori
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