Kanazawa’s Kazuemachi Tea District can be found on the south bank of the Asano River between Asanogawa Bridge and Nakanohashi Bridge.

The Asanogawa Bridge provides an old-world aspect, and the area is especially beautiful when the cherry trees are in blossom. At night, the trees are lit up with lanterns.

Kazuemachi Tea District is made up of only a few streets, but it’s seen none of the expansion of the nearby Higashi Chaya District. The main street runs alongside Asano River, with a number of nice restaurants, private homes, and alleys to be explored.

The area is a 10-minute walk from Kanazawa Castle or Kenrokuen and the bigger Higashi Chaya District is just across the river. The closest bus stop is Hashiba-machi.

  • Kazue-machi Chaya District

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