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Name in Japanese: 東大寺
Area: Nara
Address: Todai-ji, Zoushicho, Nara-shi, Nara-ken [map]
Access: 2.1 km from Nara Station Yamatoji Line (Q36)Nara Line (D21)
Hours: 7:30am -5:30pm (April to October), 8am - 5pm (November to March)
Admission: Adults: ¥600
Children: ¥300

Todaiji was once one of Japan’s Seven Great Temples and houses the world’s largest wooden Buddha. As one of the main sites of interest in Nara, the Temple was originally built in 752 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Daibutsuden there are models of previous Temple structures and a pillar with a hole the size of the Buddha’s nostril in. If you can climb through it, you’ll be granted a long life – so it’s worth a try! The Nandaimon Gate which stands at the temple entrance is the largest gate of its kind in Japan, with the two guardians within known as the two kings of Todai-ji.

The temple is a 19 minute walk form Kintetsu Nara Station and a 30 minute walk from Nara Station.

Note that the entry fee is just for entering the complex. If you want to enter the great Buddha hall or the Todaiji Museum, there are separate charges. They do have a “set ticket” which provides admission to both for ¥1,000.