As part of their Robot Kingdom attraction, Nagasaki theme park Huis Ten Bosch is set to open “Hen na resutoranto ROBOT” (weird restaurant robot)—an eatery staffed by real robots and IBM’s well known AI computer “Watson”.

The robots undertake a variety of tasks which include mixing and serving cocktails, cooking okonomiyaki and preparing desserts, while Watson—a computer famous for winning game show Jeopardy—acts as the restaurant concierge.

The robot restaurant creators vision for the restaurant is one that is 200 years in the future. They also claim that the robots are very efficient. With prices at 1,980 yen for lunch and 2,980 yen for dinner—for a menu of fried rice, okonomiyaki and donuts—they’re obviously keeping most of the efficiency gains for themselves.

Last year saw “Hen na Hotel“—a robot-staffed hotel—open at the same theme park.

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