Take a look at start and full bloom dates for major cities across Japan with our 2019 Japan cherry blossom forecast (updated March 21, 2019).

Japan cherry blossom forecast 2019
Japan Sakura Forecast Updated: March 21, 2019

The Japan archipelago runs on a roughly southwest to northeast axis, therefore the spring warmth—and the cherry blossoms—travel up the country from bottom to top.

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Please remember that this is a forecast! Individual trees, different sub regions and the weather (wind and rain especially) may affect the flowering times.

The following was the forecast last year for major cities—including the date when the cherry blossoms were expected to be in full bloom.

2018 Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast by Major City

City March April May
Sapporo Start: May 1
Full bloom: May 5
Hakodate Start: April 29 Full bloom: May 3
Hiroshima Start: March 22
Full Bloom: March 31
Matsuyama Start: March 22
Full Bloom: March 31
Fukuoka Start: March 21
Full Bloom: March 29
Nagasaki Start: March 20
Full Bloom: March 30
Osaka Start: March 27 Full Bloom: April 3
Nara Start: March 26 Full Bloom: April 2
Kobe Start: March 26 Full Bloom: April 3
Kyoto Start: March 25 Full Bloom: April 2
Nagoya Start: March 22 Full Bloom: April 1
Kanazawa Start: March 31 Full Bloom: April 6
Niigata Start: April 5
Full Blossom: April 9
Shizuoka Start: March 24 Full Bloom: April 2
Nagano Start: April 8
Full Bloom: April 13
Yokohama Start: March 24 Full Bloom: April 1
Tokyo Start: March 22
Full Bloom: March 29
Sendai Start: April 3
Full Bloom: April 8
Aomori Start: April 20
Full bloom: April 25
Yamagata Start: April 9
Full Bloom: April 14

If you can’t get out for hanami in March/April, fear not! There are various varieties of sakura such as yaezakura which flower 3 to 4 weeks after the most popular yoshino variety.

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