Ready to be done with winter? Fantasize about warmer times to come and get ready for the 2023 hanami season with this year’s up-to-date Japan cherry blossom forecast.

Japan 2023 cherry blossom forecast. Last updated March 2, 2023. | Photo by Japan Meteorological Corporation

The Japanese archipelago runs on a roughly southwest to northeast axis, therefore the spring warmth — and the cherry blossoms — travel up the country from bottom to top.

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Please remember that this is a forecast! Individual trees, different sub-regions, and the weather (wind and rain especially) may affect flowering times. Also, check regularly because the forecast is updated frequently. According to the most recent forecast (March 2) the sakura will bloom earlier than expected, in some cases by nearly a whole week.

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Below is the 2023 sakura forecast for major cities, including the date when the cherry blossoms are expected to be in full bloom.
Planning to stick around Tokyo? We’ve got you covered here with details on Tokyo area bloom dates.

2023 Japan cherry blossom forecast for major cities

Last updated: March 2, 2023


FukuokaStart: March 20thFull Bloom: March 29th
KagoshimaStart: March 29thFull Bloom: April 8th

Shikoku and Chūgoku

KōchiStart: March 19th
Full bloom: March 27th
HiroshimaStart: March 23rdFull Bloom: April 1st


KyotoStart: March 23rd
Full bloom: March 31st
OsakaStart: March 24thFull Bloom: April 1st
WakayamaStart: March 23rd
Full bloom: March 31st
KōbeStart: March 25thFull Bloom: April 3rd
NaraStart: March 24thFull Bloom: April 1st


NagoyaStart: March 21st
Full bloom: March 30th
ShizuokaStart: March 21st
Full bloom: March 30th
KanazawaStart: March 28thFull Bloom: April 4th
NiigataNot bloomingStart: April 3rd
Full Blossom: April 8th
NaganoNot bloomingStart: April 3rd
Full Blossom: April 9th


TokyoStart: March 16th
Full bloom: March 24th
YokohamaStart: March 18th
Full bloom: March 26th


SendaiNot bloomingStart: April 1st
Full Bloom: April 7th
YamagataNot bloomingStart: April 7th
Full Bloom: April 12th
AomoriNot bloomingStart: April 15th
Full bloom: April 20th


HakodateNot bloomingStart: April 24th
Full bloom: April 28th
SapporoNot bloomingStart: April 27thStart: May 2
Full bloom: May 5
MuroranNot bloomingNot bloomingFull bloom: May 1

Forecast data provided by the Japan Meteorological Corporation.

If you can’t get out for hanami in March/April, fear not! There are various varieties of sakura such as yaezakura which flower 3 to 4 weeks after the most popular yoshino variety.

While we do our best to ensure it’s correct, information is subject to change. Last updated in March 2023 by Maria Danuco.

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