Kagoshima Ohsho: Hearty Gyoza and Chuka Ryori for a Steal

Greg Lane

How can you fault a chain of restaurants with the slogan “umai, yasui, hayai” (delicious, cheap, fast)? Well, you can if they don’t deliver, but Kagoshima Ohsho luckily does.

If you’re an aficionado of gyoza (grilled dumplings) you may be familiar with Gyoza no Ohsho (literally ‘Gyoza King’). Gyoza no Ohsho is an enormous chain with 687 stores throughout Japan. Kagoshima Ohsho has the same name and a similar menu, but it’s unrelated to its nationwide counterpart.

Photo by Corpse Reviver used under CC

Despite the world identifying gyoza as a Japanese dish, in Japan itself, it’s considered chūka ryōri – Chinese food. Also on the menu are a variety of food that are considered Chinese staples in Japan. If you can’t read kanji, they do have a menu with pictures, so you can probably point to what you want.

Here’s a sampling from the food menu.

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TeishokuSet meals650 – 710 yen
6 Gyoza210 yen
KaraageJapanese style fried chicken520 yen
YakimeshiFried rice400 yen
Chūka-donChinese style donburi480 yen
NiratamaEgg with Chinese leek440 yen
KanitamaEgg with crab460 yen
MabotofuTofu with mince in a spicy sauce440 yen

And here’s the drink menu.


Draft beer500 yen
Shochu170 yen
Cola140 yen
Orange juice140 yen
Oolong tea140 yen
The signage isn’t exactly foreigner friendly, but it is quite distinctive, so you should be able to spot it.
The signage isn’t exactly foreigner friendly, but it is quite distinctive, so you should be able to spot it. | Photo by Nissy-KITAQ used under CC

The food at Kagoshima Ohsho isn’t something to go out of your way for, but if you find yourself in Kagoshima or neighbouring Miyazaki with an empty stomach and a near empty wallet, then you can’t go wrong – even if you can’t read the menu.

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