Any LEGO fans out there? Yes? Then you’re going to want to add LEGOLAND Resort Japan to your itinerary quicksmart. This theme park has everything from rides to factory tours — even LEGO shaped food. You won’t want to miss it.

LEGOLAND is in Nagoya, the capital of Aichi Prefecture. It’s not a city on most travelers’ itineraries; however, Nagoya is a stop on the Tokkaidō Shinkansen — in between Tokyo and Kansai destinations like Osaka or Kyoto.

This makes Nagoya an easy stopover destination. And LEGOLAND isn’t the only draw: the new Ghibli Park is on the outskirt of Nagoya, too.

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What is LEGOLAND Resort Japan?

Ready to get your LEGO on? | Photo by Maria Danuco

LEGOLAND Resort Japan is a LEGO theme park that opened in 2017. It’s the eighth LEGOLAND Resort in the world, and the second in Asia (the other is in Malaysia).

While not as huge as, say, Universal Studios Japan (in Osaka) or Tokyo Disney Resort, LEGOLAND Resort is still an impressive theme park. It has seven themed zones, three rollercoasters, and many more rides and attractions.

LEGOLAND Japan highlights

In particular, we loved how many oppportunities there were to get hands-on and creative. There are workshops with different LEGO building activities you can join. They change regularly so there’s lots of variety. Anyone 3 years old and above can join — even adults.

The workshops are only available in Japanese, but hey, LEGO’s a universal language right? You can register to join a workshop at the Rainbow Design Studio, the LEGO Creative Workshop, and the Robotic Play Center.

Tickets for Legoland Resort Japan

From ¥4,800 for adults
Book here for a discount

You can buy tickets for LEGOLAND on the day at the gate; however, if you buy them online in advance you get a decent discount.

Ticket prices are seasonal. In this case, off-peak is weekdays during school terms; peak is weekends, National Holidays, and weekdays during school holidays; meanwhile, super-peak is weekends on school holidays. If you can, we definitely recommend going during an off-peak period to avoid large crowds.

Legoland Resort Japan ticket prices

Ticket typeOff-PeakPeakSuper-Peak
Adult 1-Day Pass¥5,800 (¥4,800 online)¥7,600 (¥6,400 online)¥7,900 (¥6,700 online)
Child 1-Day Pass¥4,400 (¥3,500 online)¥5,100 (¥4,100 online)¥5,300 (¥4,300 online)
Adult Combo Pass¥6,600 (¥5,600 online)¥8,400 (¥7,200 online)¥8,700 (¥7,500 online)
Child Combo Pass¥5,200 (¥4,300 online)¥5,900 (¥4,900 online)¥6,100 (¥5,100 online)

Things to do at LEGOLAND Resort Japan

So now you’ve got your tickets, let’s move on to all the things to do at LEGOLAND Resort Japan. There’s a good range of activities as well as cool things to look at. While most are aimed at younger visitors, there are still things that adults will enjoy as well.

Go on a Factory Tour

The free LEGO souvenir from the Factory Tour. | Photo by Maria Danuco

The Factory Tour is close to the entrance and is a great place to start your day. It’s starts with a movie that explains the LEGO-making process (subtitled in English and Chinese).

The tour then heads to the factory floor, where you can see the machines in action. The guided tour of the factory is in Japanese, but there is some signage in English. At the end of the tour you get a piece of LEGO as a souvenir.

Marvel at the LEGO sculptures

This sculpture took 2132 hours or nearly 89 days. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Throughout LEGOLAND you’ll see sculptures like this one. They vary in size and theme, but every single one is incredibly impressive — some even have speakers playing sounds effects. Look out for the signs by each one that tell you how many pieces of LEGO were used and how long it took to make.

Hop on a ride

The submarine, sadly, is not made of LEGO. | Photo by Maria Danuco

There are over 10 different rides — including three roller coasters — at LEGOLAND Japan Resort. Most rides are suitable for both adults and children (so long as they meet height requirements).

We enjoyed Submarine Adventure, which takes on ride underwater where you can see fish — both the real kind and some made out of LEGO. Other fun rides (that are also less intense than roller coasters) include Anchors Away! (a rocking pirate ship) and Merlin’s Challenge (a merry-go-round).

There are also attractions just for kids, like Driving School, where under 13s can drive electric LEGO cars around a track.

Explore the world at Miniland

Kinkaku-ji but in LEGO and without the crowds. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Want to see more of Japan? Then Miniland is the places for you. You’ll see some of Japan’s most famous landmarks in minature, and of course they’re all made of LEGO. There are lots of hidden details, so take your time to take a close look. And don’t be afraid to press the buttons to see some of the mini figures move about.

Try your hand at a carnival game

How’s your aim? | Photo by Maria Danuco

There are a number of carnival-style games scattered throughout LEGOLAND. You have to pay extra if you want to play, usually ¥700 for a set number of tries. But if you win you get a cute stuffed animal.

Watch a movie

Yes, we mean it. Head to Palace Cinema to catch a LEGO movie — in 4D! They play different movies throughout the day, so check the schedule to see what’s playing. Word of warning though, 4D means you’ll experience more than just a 3D movie, be prepared for wind and rain.

Food and drinks at LEGOLAND Japan

You can’t eat outside food in LEGOLAND.

When it comes to food and drink options in LEGOLAND Resort Japan, you’ve got a lot to choose from. There are restaurants and food stands throughout LEGOLAND that sell a range of snacks, like ice cream and popcorn, and meals, like burgers with fries and Japanese style set meals.

LEGO you can eat. | Photo by Maria Danuco

As you might expect, there are lots of child friendly options, and many of the restaurants have kids menu options. And if you hadn’t guessed from the photo, lots of the food is LEGO themed. We won’t lie to you, the LEGO shaped frieds were super fun to eat.

LEGOLAND Japan souvenir guide

You already know what we’re going to say — the best souvenir to buy at LEGOLAND is LEGO. But it’s true. And there are so many options.

There are themed souvenir shops in most of the different park areas, but there are also a few general shops as well. You can buy LEGO sets ranging from small delicate builds to larger and more complicated builds.

There are also shops where you can buy LEGO bricks pick-and-mix style and build your own minifigure. On top of that, there’s a huge range of LEGO merchandise including t-shirt, stationery packs, and keychains.

LEGO is everywhere here. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Getting to LEGOLAND Japan

Aonami Line to Kinjōfutō Station
25 minutes direct from Nagoya Station

LEGOLAND Resort Japan is easily accessible from Nagoya Station. Just take the Aonami Line from Nagoya Station to the terminus station, Kinjōfutō Station.

The ride takes about 25 minutes and costs just ¥360. At Kinjōfutō Station, take the West Exit and follow the signs for Maker’s Pier. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from Kinjōfutō Station to the entrance of LEGOLAND.

Maker’s Pier is a small collection of shops, restaurants, and cafés that acts like an unofficial gateway to LEGOLAND. True to its name, many of the shops in the area sell crafts or craft supplies and run hands-on worshops.

Maker’s Pier is the gateway to LEGOLAND. | Photo by Maria Danuco

What’s nearby?

While LEGOLAND is south of central Nagoya, there are a few other attractions in the area. Maker’s Pier, which we mentioned above, is a fun area to visit with lots to see and do.

Sea Life Nagoya is a small aquarium next to the LEGOLAND extrance, and you can get combo tickets that gives you entry to both LEGOLAND and Sea Life. A little further away is SCMaglev and Railway Park, a railway museum known for its interactive displays.

LEGOLAND Resort Japan FAQs

Festival time but make it LEGO. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Is Legoland Resort Japan worth it?

Legoland is a great theme park option is you’re traveling with young children — especially if they’re LEGO fans. Because it’s a little more out of the way, it’s generally not as busy as Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan, and tickets are cheaper.

How long do you need for Legoland?

You can easily spend a whole day at Legoland, especially if you go on all the rides. If you’re not big on rides, but want to check a few sculptures and workshops, then half a day is enough. Keep in the mind that the park is quite big, so you will spend a fair bit of time walking around.

Is Legoland good for children?

Yes, definitely. Depending on their age and height, children might not be able to do everything at the park, but it’s still very much aimed at children in general.

Is Legoland good for adults?

Legoland is fun for adults, but it’s definitely more for children. If you go alone as an adult or in a group with other adults you might stand out a bit more than you would at Disneyland or Universal Studios.

While we do our best to ensure information is correct, pricing and other details are subject to change.

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